TMA is a global company that helps clients worldwide hire the right people, develop and motivate them onward their career.
TMA Talent Method connects organizations with employees and impacts yearly more than 1 million persons. TMA Method structures development of talents, competencies and career.
TMA instruments are completely integrated with positive psychology content.

Manage Talents

Develop and retain your employees with TMA Talent Management..

Analyze Talents

Analyze drives, talents, competencies and competency profiles, cognitive abilities and professional interests of your people..

Report Talents

Get information and advice about matching (future) employees to roles or functions.

TMA Method is the complete Talent Management System based on positive psychology, used for recruitment, selection, development and career advice. Both for individuals and teams.

TMA Method integrates 6 Talent Dimensions, 22 Drives, 44 Talents and 53 Competencies in all TMA Instruments.

Select, develop, assess and manage talents with TMA

TMA Methode

TMA haalt het beste uit je mensen en organisatie en geeft inzicht in talenten, interesses, competenties en drijfveren

Why TMA?

TMA is intended for all types of HR-professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, psychologists, coaches, or trainers involved in the selection, development, and assessment of people, because:

  • You can identify the talents of employees and make optimal use of the human capital of your organization;

  • You can manage the talents and competencies in your organization in a structured and professional manner;

  • You will know exactly what talents and competencies are required of your (future) employees to achieve the best performance;

  • More objectivity in conversations about personal development and mobility;

  • You will learn to select more effectively and make your employees flexible and sustainable;

  • You will gain an insight into people’s cognitive abilities and professional interests;

  • You can develop competencies in a more goal-oriented manner that match someone’s talents and organizational goals;

  • You can strengthen teams in their collaboration, by focusing on the talents of the team.

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TMA Talent Management Cases

TMA is used in many different organizations, both profit and non-profit sectors.  See the case studies of our customers and their experience with our tools and services.


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